I like to help old people cross the streets. And, I like colorful hot air balloons. Also, I don't like carrots.


You are worth the pain.

You have no idea how it consumed so much of my time saving up all the courage I used just to tell you all the things worth saying. I thought telling the important things to the person you value the most is very important, maybe not. Maybe sometimes you just have to keep it to yourself. Let those feelings just fade through time.

You are worth all the pain.

It’s just frustrating that when you’ve finally said the words worth saying. it’s still seem not enough to fill up the cup, to fill her up.

I feel bad. I feel numb. I feel like someone cast a stupefy spell on me and I am stupefied.

Now I am telling myself, that’s enough. You’ve done enough.

But at the back of my mind remains, “what if?”